Sunday, September 30, 2007

fun times at the Bosted house

fun times at the Bosted house

On Thursday when Sabrina came home from school she kept complaining that her legs itched. Being mommy I told her it was just bug bites and not to scratch. Later when she had scratched so bad she was bleeding, mommy decided to take a closer look. This is when it was decided that she had either played in a hive of mosquito's or she might have the chicken pox. Fast forward to Friday morning and her legs are spotted and the belly is spotted, mommy calls the doctor and was told, "It sounds like chicken pox, but you can't come into the office today because we see newborns on Friday". I then called her preschool, and the friends she had played with and her daddy who felt bad for me but, was glad I was the one at home and not him.

For all those moms who give their kids the chicken pox vaccine, 1 in 10 kids will still get the chicken pox, it will just be a mild case. And guess which one Sabrina is. Thankfully Sariah had chicken pox when she was younger. Unfortunately Sophie had a fever today and will probably break out in the next couple of days.

Mommy is looking forward to this week and the fun times that she will have. Because as we all know when you have chicken pox you feel fine and yet you are still contagious until things are scabbed over. So we are stuck in the house until further notice.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Naomi's Find

So we were out and about looking for a weed trimmer and a back pack for Sabrina as she begins pre-school on Tuesday. We stopped at the DI to see if they had anything and while Naomi was searching through the bags she found a Kate Spade purse, which she believed she had to have. Since it was her birthday the day before I figured it was ok, so i spent the $2 bucks and now she wants to brag to her sisters. I say whatever, but then again I'm a guy and care about important things like football, Bears, and more football. But heres a couple of pics of it.