Saturday, October 6, 2007

Train Park

We went to the Train park with Jen, Dan, Isaiah, and Logan today. It was wonderful (direct quote from Dan). I'm sure you can tell by some of the pictures that Dan was thrilled to be there, and not watching football. The box car picture is where Sariah, Sabrina, and Isaiah wanted to sit.

There were even a few Star Wars characters wondering around. Which Isaiah thought was really cool. Everyone enjoyed themselves, but at the end certain little ones were tired, as you can tell by Sabrina sitting next to daddy and being grumpy. Also Isaiah missed the last train ride for being grumpy. We had talked about going to Dan and Jen's after the park but two little four year olds decided (through their grumpiness) that it would be better for them to go to their separate homes.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sariah is the big winner

Naomi received a call from our local library and was told that Sariah had won the drawing for a bicycle (bet you can't guess the color) for the summer reading thing that they did. She begged us to let her enter two or three weeks ago and we let her so she would stop whining, and low and behold she won. Here she is collecting the valuable prize from the Walmart and the library board lady. She was very happy as neither mommy or daddy told her that she won. She found out when the library lady congratulated her. Sariah was given a choice of bikes and she of course went pink, Sabrina then claimed the other bike, but it was to big and to much $. So we have to play bike mechanic and fix her bike so the girls can have there very own Tour de Heat, up and down the street. Lucky mommy and daddy.