Monday, November 5, 2007


This past week was Halloween and as a mother I am probably not the best at getting costumes together and taken care of. Thank heavens for Grandma May who made Sariah and Sabrina's costumes and sent a really cute skirt for Sophie. All I had to do was go and but wings for all three and sew feathers on Sariah's (she's an angel).

Someone at Dan's work asked him what his girls were going to be and he told angel, a fairy princess, and a fairy ballerina. The comment that was made was "so the holy trinity of girl costumes"....Dan was not amused, especially when Daren piped in that he just needed a cheerleader and it would be complete.

Dan went as Bill Belichick...for those of you who have kept up with the football world this year, you will get it.

The day before Halloween we went and got pumpkins for the girls. They decided that they didn't want to carve them. Instead they wanted to paint them, with glitter and pink, purple, and yellow paint. (we really need a boy). Hope everyone had a great halloween.