Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fixing a stat

I was in error on the length that a water balloon was shot. The real amount was 284 feet not 268 feet.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Water Balloon Launcher

For the 4th of July Dan made a water balloon launcher. Subsequently EVERY Sunday Dan, his brother and brother-in-law have been testing to see how far they can launch a water balloon. To date the record is 268 feet. Tonight we went over to his sisters house and the boys were up to mischief again......but, this time the daughters were involved (five of them). Even Grandma Leigh and Aunt Cari had a turn. No measuring was done tonight to see how far but, the girls sure had fun seeing if they could hit Aunt Connie (hehehehe). Here are a couple of pics of the event.

The girls have been having fun at Bama and Bampa May's house, last Saturday Bama put sponge rollers in the girls hair, they looked really cute on Sunday when we went to church.

To update everyone we have found a house in North Yakima and will be moving in, on or around August 23 because.....August 16 the Chicago Bears play a preseason game in Seattle and Dan wants to go. Which is more important then moving (I guess).

Sunday, July 13, 2008


My mom informed me the other day I had not changed my blog in a few days..... Ok a month. We are doing really good. We are still at Bama and Bapa's house (what sophie calls them) and looking for a house to live in. The girls are enjoying their summer so far. Dan is enjoying his new job. And mommy is trying to stay sane living out of a suitcase.