Sunday, January 27, 2008

The weekend of Jan 19 was spent in driving to Utah and back. While there, we blessed Savannah and froze our booties off. We had fun seeing the grandmas and papas. We also met Miss Rylin for the first time and think she is the cutest.

It was also decided while there, by Sariah, that we would never visit Utah again in the winter. She thought it was to cold.

Little Savannah looked beautiful in her blessing dress (thanks gma May). The girls enjoyed playing with their cousins Rylin and Hattie, and mommy and daddy enjoyed the fabulous air mattress that Chris and Susie let us sleep on. All in all a good trip.

Friday, January 4, 2008

2008 Fiesta Bowl

So through connections at work and many people from the state of West Virginia not wanting to pay to come out here Daren and I got tickets to the Fiesta Bowl at a deep discount, ie free. The game was so much fun, not as much fun as last years Boise-Okl game but fun nonetheless. I thought Oklahoma would win because of the way they looked at the Big 12 championship game, and how bad WV looked against Pitt.

The game as most of you know was a 48-28 victory for WV but was much more competitive than the score indicates. WV had a ridiculous amount of speed that the Sooners were unable to compete. We kept saying "alright 'neers you need a long, time consuming drive" and then they would run for a 50 yard touchdown.

The endzone seats are great as you can see the holes develop and where the play is being run. It was fun. I have some pictures as well as a couple if videos, one video is of a first-half interception in the end-zone by WV and the other is a TD pass by WV.

The only unfortunate thing was we sat right next to the WV band and that was well loud and you all know about band-geeks. These band-geeks even came equipped with their "i'm in college so I can be a weirdo" as the baton twirler and two of the flag wavers were guys. That was a little weird but hey free tickets are free tickets, and besides there was quite a bit of other...umm...things to look at.

Here are the pictures and I will post the videos to youtube. 1 & 2

New Years Day

This is how the Bosted's of AZ ring in the New Year. As you can see we are a house of party animals. Well at least one of us is.